Q: What if I register and my plans change?
A: We get it! Trust us… two working mums with six boys between us. But, we’d much prefer you register if there’s a reasonable chance that you can participate. Taking you off the map at the last minute is not a big deal.

Q: I can’t commit to being “open for business” from 8AM-3PM. Can I still participate?
A: Absolutely. While we’d love for you to be “open for business” the entire time, we understand that you may have other commitments you’re juggling. But, if you could to commit to at least 2 hours during that range, we’d be grateful. Also, the time does not have to be continuous. Perhaps, as a courtesy, leave a “Back at ___ AM/PM” sign. 

Q: I live in a multi-unit residence and my property manager will not allow us to use the common areas for the sale. What now?
A: Ask around. Are any of your friends or family within boundaries/participants? Do they have some space on their lawn or driveway to accommodate your sale? If not, we will support you being matched to another community member who does.

Q: Does it cost anything to register as a seller?
A: NO! There is no cost to register. We want this experience to be easy and fun. However, we do ask that you commit to donating at least 30% of the sale proceeds from the yard sale to the GoFundMe page set up in support of  Coalition for Gun Control.

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